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University of Ottawa: New Research Chairs on Francophone World

On October 28, the University of Ottawa introduced three new research Chairs on the Francophone world (CRMF), and the first Francophone Mobility Chair.

The research activities will be led by Martin Meunier, a professor in the School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies, who will ensure collective effort between the Chairs and other researchers in Francophone communities; the intention being to survey existing societal issues including access to health care, immigrant settling and others.

The program is estimated at $4.2 million over 15 years, and it is expected to emphasize the traditional excellence and relevance of interdisciplinarity in university research for both the Francophonies of Canada and the University of Ottawa.

The Chairs were awarded roles in the following categories:

(a) Louise Bouchard - research Chair on the health of Francophones to encourage improved access to health care.

(b) Luisa Veronis - research Chair on Immigration and Franco-Ontarian Communities, which will examine newcomers’ issues in Francophone communities.

(c) Jonathan Paquette - research Chair in international Francophonie on cultural heritage policies, examining the existing heritage and decolonization policies in Francophone communities.

(d) Ahmed Boubeker - the Francophone Mobility Chair. His research will focus on migration and ethnicity in France, aiming to resolve postcolonial questions around the migration of Haitian and Berber Francophone communities.

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