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Strategies for Immigrant Employment in Atlantic Canada

Critical to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is its employer-driven integration strategies, based on a growing appreciation for the skills that immigrants bring.

While there is an initial learning curve for a newly-hired immigrant, who must earn credentials and/or adjust culturally, employers see many long-term benefits when hiring someone with a prior skill set, even if that person does not have Canadian work experience.

The Atlantic provinces are developing strategies to overcome these initial hurdles. PEI’s Alternate Careers Day, which will take place this spring, shows newcomers how to apply their existing skills to different professions, while the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia helps bring together industry professionals with skilled newcomers to help them understand the certifications necessary to continue in their field of practice or study. Another strategy, as adopted by Nova Scotia’s PNP program, is based on retaining international students. 

On March 1, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program was extended to 2021. Since its inception in 2017, it has approved more than 2,535 permanent residents to the Atlantic provinces.