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PeaceGeeks Launches App for Newcomers to Canada

The Vancouver nonprofit PeaceGeeks, winner of the 2017 Impact Canada Challenge, has spent the last two years developing an app that was launched this week.

Dubbed “Arrival Advisor,” the app contains a directory of services for immigrants and refugees in seven languages, including information such as how to get a driver’s license, find daycare, or apply for health care. It was showcased in a booth at the Ignite Okanagan conference on Wednesday aimed at helping employers hire immigrants and refugees.

One of the key features of the app is that users don’t have to register, meaning they don’t have to share any private information online to get access to the directory.

Funding for the development of the app came from PeaceGeeks’ 2017 prize of $750,000 and additional government funding. Representatives for the app will travel to Vancouver and Nanaimo over the next week to showcase its functionality. 

The app has been available on iTunes since March 1 and Google Play since March 6.