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New Temporary Residency to Permanent Residency Pathway Coming Soon

Temporary residents of Canada can expect a new pathway to help them become permanent residents in 120 days; a deadline given to Minister Sean Fraser of the IRCC by the House of Commons.

Canada continues to rely heavily on immigrants to keep our economy running smoothly and to fill labour shortages being experienced across the country in many sectors. A great way to admit more permanent residents is to offer a pathway to permanent residency to temporary residents. These people are already in the country and have work experience and cultural experience in Canada, making for a smoother transition to permanent residency.

Last year, a temporary pathway opened up to do the same thing; offer temporary residents a way to become permanent residents, called the TR to PR pathway. This pathway only lasted 8 months and was in response to COVID restrictions, which made it difficult for immigrants to enter the country and become permanent residents. This new pathway that Minister Sean Fraser is creating will be a permanent one.


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