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MP strategy to aid and expand permanent residency transition released

Member of Parliament for Surrey Centre, Randeep Sarai's Private Member's Motion M-44 to aid and expand permanent residency transition was accepted.

The strategy to expand transition to permanent residency increases the economic avenues available to new immigrants and aids the transition from temporary to permanent resident status across all skill levels.

Expanded pathways to permanent residency bolster Canada's economy, boosts productivity and soften the workplace impact of Canada's ageing population. In addition, the strategy addresses our economy's reliance on temporary foreign workers and on the skills of recent graduates and international students to address immediate workforce needs.

According to the report on the Strategy to Expand Transition to Permanent Residency, "Overall, temporary foreign workers in lower-skilled occupations transition to permanent residency at a rate higher to, or roughly equal to, the rate of higher-skilled workers . . .Over 58% of those vacancies were in jobs that required a high school education or less."

While Higher skilled candidates integrate more readily into the Canadian workforce, in the short-term, all skill levels provide relief to the healthcare, hospitality, IT, transportation, trades, and engineering sectors.

This strategy aims to build a strong link between Canadian employers and domestic immigrant workers while protecting vulnerable workers. Sarai's motion entails the following five-pillar approach:

1. Increased opportunities for temporary workers to transition to permanent residence in response to increased immigration levels as targeted in the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan. Pillar 1 addresses current labour shortages and fuels economic growth post-pandemic.

2. Pillar two increases flexibility in the Express Entry system, expedites the process for top candidates and increases Francophone immigration to reflect recent changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Also addressed are regional economic priorities and labour market needs. The insurance of six-month open work permits to family members is under consideration. Also under review is the ranking system gauging eligibility based on education, language proficiency, and obtaining a job offer. Upcoming changes to the Express Entry requirements will reflect increased opportunities to acquire permanent residence for skill levels 0-D in response to regional labour needs.

3. Essential workers will find it easier to access permanent residence programs and understand qualification requirements while benefiting from expanded eligibility for high-demand occupations. The strategy explores removing barriers to physicians and other essentially skilled, high-demand workers and improves the pilot programs that support the transition to permanent residence for home care and agri-food-related occupations.

4. The Government continues to work with employers in the provinces and territories to innovate and adapt immigration approaches within the appropriate frameworks, such as the Provincial Nominee Program. Pillar four of the strategy supports communities. A particular focus is on supporting Francophone communities to retain and recruit newcomers. In addition, support is given to Francophone minority communities outside Quebec to achieve a target of a 4.4% French-speaking immigrant population by 2023. A Municipal Nominee Program is also in development to alleviate local labour needs by assisting in attracting and retaining newcomers.

5. As the Government modernizes the immigration system and looks to expedite and improve new immigrant client experience, processing capacity will increase. Candidates across skill levels will benefit from the implementation of these five pillars. Provinces and Territories can apply current tools alongside improved approaches and independently select candidates who meet the specific regional needs of the Province and Territory.

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