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International students: finding an internship job

International students: finding an internship job

You’re an international student and you’re looking for an internship job? Here are some pieces of information you need to know and that can help you optimize your research.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program

As a first step and most importantly, you have to verify if you are eligible to participate in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, which contains a category called International Co-op where you can apply for the employer-specific work permit that you need, to get an internship as an international student. This step is important because you have to hold the appropriate permit for an internship as it’s not interchangeable with other permits. You need to make sure, for that matter, that your country is part of a bilateral agreement and arrangement with Canada. To that end, you can Google the section “Program requirements specific to each country or territory” to get to the government official’s website, where you can find more information on your country's relationship with Canada on that matter.

Searching and applying online

Once you are done with formalities and legal requirements, you will probably be more familiar with the next step, which is researching internship opportunities and apply through online platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn and Jobillico. Or, you can let the employers get to you by preparing your CV and posting it on the government’s website after selecting the fields that corresponds with your interest and competence. Furthermore, make sure to arrange your CV format to the conventions used in Canada. For example, do not include any pictures and list your work experiences from the most recent one to the oldest.

Don’t forget timing!

If you are outside of Canada and you are looking for an internship to study in the country, you must prepare your application in advance based on how much time the visa process will take, which is about two to three months. For that reason, it is always suggested that you plan your research a few months before the start of the process so everything catches up in time for the beginning of the internship.

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