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Humber College: Bridging Programs for Skilled Newcomers In Canada

Humber College has over the years, provided educational and career support opportunities for many skilled newcomers, helping them to restart their careers in Canada.

To aid this, foundations were laid through bridging programs including supply chain, information technology and engineering bridging programs. The benefit of skilled newcomers to Canada was emphasized by Geraldine Babcock, Director of Community Outreach and Workforce Development (COWD), during a recent event at the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation, where she encouraged Humber alumni to embrace opportunities for professional development and networking enhancement.

While saying "It is this hard work and tenacity to succeed that is what makes newcomers such an asset to Canada. Most Canadians recognize immigration is a net benefit to Canada," Babcock also referred to the alumni as core examples of value, saying: “it is the global experience and education that you bring with you that supports Canada's global competitiveness."

Recognizing that upcoming employment roles are linked to significant programs at Humber college including robotics, mechatronics, data analytics, and innovation, Robert Wood, a speaker at the event, talked about artificial intelligence and the evident future demand for information technology skills. Wood said: "There is a shift in the job landscape and immigration is important in Canada in order to move forward. People are not staying in the same place for a long time anymore; people are looking for change and have plans about what they want to do and who they want to work for."

The college recognizes the benefits of the skills which newcomers bring to Canada, and continues to help graduates with professional development, easing their transition to Canada’s workforce.

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