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Global Affairs Canada Offers Short-Term Scholarships to ASEAN students

Global Affairs Canada is offering short-term scholarships to students from ASEAN countries to study or research in Canada.

The scholarship program is intended to help reduce poverty in the ASEAN countries.

Funding and exchanges will emphasize meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Two are singled out for additional attention – Goals 5 and 13.

Students will tackle Goal 5 – achieving gender equality and empowering women – by engaging in women’s studies, political science, anthropology and economics.

To progress on Goal 13, students will study environmental sciences and public policy concerning climate change mitigation and energy, among other areas.

Canadian and ASEAN educational institutions collaborate to bring these scholarships to life. For ASEAN students to qualify, they must be enroled full-time in their home country and for their entire period of study/research in Canada.

Canadian educational institutions will receive funding from Global Affairs to give out as scholarships for ASEAN students on exchange.

ASEAN students are encouraged to express their interest and see if their institution has an exchange agreement with a Canadian institution. Students should also find out the exact details of the application process and provide all necessary information including transcripts, language examination results and suggest a potential research project.

Once selected, ASEAN students must meet the requirements of the Canadian institution hosting them and comply with relevant Canadian immigration requirements (acquiring a study permit).

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