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Finding Jobs in Canada as an Immigrant

Finding Jobs in Canada as an Immigrant

Most people think that there will be numerous opportunities for everybody in such a large country, but the unemployment rate is a problem in Canada.

Canada is thought of as a land full of opportunities. Each year, around 250,000 immigrants are accepted into the country, and their dream of having a better life comes closer to reality. Most people think that there will be numerous opportunities for everybody in such a large country, but the unemployment rate is a problem in Canada.

So, as an immigrant you need to understand what you’re up against and then select the appropriate course of action.

Why is it difficult to get a job as an immigrant?

There are primarily three reasons why immigrants find it difficult to get a decent job compared to the people that have lived in Canada for a while.

  • The first factor is the unfamiliarity with the way things work in Canada. The country has specific laws, regulations, and methods of getting things done which is why many local employers prefer hiring people that are familiar with all three.
  • Secondly, foreign qualifications and credentials are often not recognized. Employers might be suspicious of foreign credentials (like professional licenses and university degrees).
  • The third factor is the language barrier. Both French and English are the official languages of Canada, and if you aren’t fluent in either of the language, then it might be difficult for employers to understand you. As a result, your chance of being hired at a suitable level can be dramatically reduced.

There are other potential hurdles as well; cultural differences can also cause miscommunication, being stuck in survival jobs can pay poorly and reduce the chance of looking for better jobs, or the lack of sufficient money until you find a job could also function as a barrier to finding employment.

So, How to Find a Job as an Immigrant?

The good news is there are numerous organizations spread across Canada that can benefit from the experience and qualifications that skilled immigrants bring along. In fact, there are a few services and programs that encourage firms to hire immigrants. As an immigrant, here are a few things you can do to secure a job.

Find a Sponsor

Look for an employer that is willing to sponsor you. If you’re living in your home country and are thinking of immigrating to Canada, then there might be employers looking to recruit foreign workers in your country. Therefore, before you come to the country, try and find some potential employers.

For this, find out if any Canadian businessmen are holding a job fair in your country. You can get this information from any Canadian embassy website. Alternatively, you can also look for industry associations that host trade shows or job fairs involving business people from Canada. Moreover, you can also find out if universities host career fairs involving Canadian firms.

Express entry

The IRCC – Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada – introduced an electronic system named Express Entry back in 2015. Candidates of Express Entry can be hired by Canadian employers when they need people to meet their labour needs in case they are unable to find permanent residents or Canadians for the job.

Look for Companies That Hire Immigrants

If an employer has hired an immigrant recently, then chances are that he or she will be open to hiring an immigrant once more. Get in touch with people in your professional and personal networks and search for companies that have hired immigrants before. Then, contact the companies directly and find all the possible job postings.

Programs for Immigrants

Particular programs that encourage as well as promote Canadian firms to hire immigrants are also available. Moreover, initiatives have been introduced that provide immigrants the needed Canadian experience via mentorships and internships. A few resources and programs include:

  • Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants
  • The program lists jobs in British Columbia. It is, in fact, a unique and practical program that is customized according to your needs. With this program, you can get financial support, your credentials accessed, and help with drafting an action plan.

  • Hire Immigrants
  • The program provides different businesses with the resources needed to recruit, retain, as well as promote immigrants.

Starting a new life in Canada is possible. However, it’s best that you know what’s required of you to ensure you’re able to begin your journey toward a good life.


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