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Canada continues to improve the socio-economic integration of migrants and refugees in Latin America

Many refugees and migrants in Latin America encounter unfortunate circumstances.

As a result of this, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Honourable Sean Fraser, applauds the International Labour Organization for the effective completion of its first Canada-supported capacity-building project, which aims to improve the socio-economic incorporation of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Latin America. Minister Fraser has likewise declared the release of two further capacity building projects to assist displaced immigrants with improving their quality of life and finding job opportunities. The goal of the first project is to improve local collaboration to enhance honest recruitment practices, along with the integration of migrants and refugees, as well as returnees, into local labour markets in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. The goal of the second project is to emphasize the improvement of skills, employment, and having access to decent work in Colombia and Panama. In addition, it will offer both technical support and employee training institutions for refugee and migrant workers. Both projects, overall, aim to successfully integrate migrants and refugees into local labour markets by streamlining access to the necessary training that is needed for various occupations, while at the same time, establishing skills qualifications. Migrants and refugees will then gain the potential to contribute positively to the economy, while also attaining valuable life skills.


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