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Benefits of getting a Canadian passport

Benefits of getting a Canadian passport

Being one of the world's most immigrant-friendly countries, Canada is a top choice for immigrants across the globe.

Canada is a country known for welcoming immigrants and valuing multiculturalism. In recent years, it has become one of the top immigration destinations. Every year, a record number of people arrive in the country to settle permanently.

Recently, the Henley Passport Index ranked the Canadian passport as the eighth-most powerful passport to have across the world for the third time in a row.

The data released on January 10, 2023, by the International Air Transport Association, ranked 199 passports in the world to determine which citizenship has more convenience of access to more countries without a prior visa.

The Canadian passport has always been in the global top 10 most powerful passports in the world since 2006 when the Henley Passport started monitoring the world’s most travel-friendly passports.

But what makes the Canadian passport stand out?

Visa-free international travel

If you have a Canadian passport, you can travel visa-free to 185 countries. Countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland offer visa on arrival to travellers with a Canadian passport.

Dual Citizenship

Canada also recognizes multiple citizenship. After receiving a Canadian passport, you may still have a choice to keep your home country passport. Getting a Canadian passport does not mean that you need to give up your current passport, rather, you can keep as many passports as you wish if the countries that issued you their passports allow it.

Free to live abroad

With a Canadian passport, you are not restricted to permanently live only in Canada. As a Canadian passport holder, you are free to live abroad, for as long as you like, without jeopardising or losing your citizenship. As a Canadian citizen, you have no responsibility in maintaining your status. Once you become a Canadian citizen and eligible for a Canadian passport, you do not have to fulfill any residency requirements like that for permanent residents. You can leave and enter Canada anytime.

Job Opportunities

There are some jobs in Canada that are only available to Canadian citizens. Such jobs require high-level security clearance. These jobs tend to pay well and have many benefits, such as pension benefits and extensive health care benefits.

If you are wondering whether you can acquire a Canadian passport, the answer is yes, if you have Canadian citizenship.

Become a citizen

To acquire a Canadian passport, you must be a Canadian citizen first.

If you are a permanent resident, check here to know the eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship.

How to apply for a Canadian passport

After you have obtained Canadian citizenship, the road to acquiring a Canadian passport is easy. All you have to do is participate in the citizenship ceremony and get a citizenship certificate.

Once you receive your certificate, you can apply for a Canadian passport by submitting your Canadian citizenship certificate along with the documents required by mail or by visiting the passport office. Check here for further details.

Canada has a target of admitting 465,000 immigrants in 2023, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. So, don’t lose your golden chance of becoming a part of Canada’s community!

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