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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Thrives in New Brunswick

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot has helped direct new immigrants to the Atlantic provinces, where they boost the economy by filling labour market gaps.

New Brunswick, in particular, has been successful with the program, inviting almost 1,500 newcomers to the province since its inception in 2017. In addition to addressing labour shortages and increasing the diversity of the population, the program reduces application times for permanent residence to less than six months.

New Brunswick has several large corporate employers that have adopted the program early, in tandem with the provincial government. 

Colleen Kitts-Goguen, speaking to CBC News, called it a “powerful recruitment tool” for employers that have made their participation in the program public. Those accepted into the program vary widely in terms of skill level, and they come from a variety of countries including Tunisia, Syria, Kenya, Brazil, Belgium, Afghanistan, France, Ukraine, and Venezuela. 

Given that there is room for more people in New Brunswick, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot will be extended for another two years, with a 33% increase in the number of people who can apply.