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Are you prepared for work in Canada?

Are you prepared for work in Canada?

Whether you are planning to work in your industry or seek an alternative career in Canada, you need to prepare. Read on to find out more about applying for work in Canada.

National Occupational Classification (NOC)

The NOC provides information on occupations in Canada and gives a basic overview of each occupation. You can learn more about jobs in Canada by reading the NOCs.

Labour Market Research

If you know which job you will be looking for in Canada, you should do some labour market research. Start by reviewing websites with job listings (like and read the postings to find out the requirements, salary and so on.

References are when people who have supervised you at a previous job can confirm your performance to your future employer. Having references is crucial to finding employment in Canada. Ask your current and/or past supervisor(s) for permission to use their name as a reference on a job application.

Credentials and other work-related documents

Regulatory bodies or employers may need to verify your credential documents. Bring these documents with you. Otherwise, you risk delaying your applications or re-credentialing process.

Re-credentialing or Up-skilling

If you are looking to re-qualify to return to your profession or seeking an alternative career, you may need funding support and networking in your industry. Be sure to check out the Foreign Credential Recognition Program offered by the federal government. This free program helps newcomers integrate in the Canadian workforce.

In BC, we have the Global Talent Loans Program at ISSofBC (Immigrant Services Society of BC), offering job search, career counselling, funding and networking support. To learn more, email ISS at or call 778-372-6609.

For other provinces, please check with the local settlement agencies in your region for information on what is available for you.

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