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$500M for Saskatchewan Training Programs

A recent influx of $500 million in funding over the next six years will help boost jobs and skills training programs in Saskatchewan.

The funding will also allow these programs to expand and focus on under-represented groups, such as visible minorities, women, and people with disabilities. 

Announced on March 8, the funding is an increase of $70 million from previous levels, which will help an estimated additional 16,000 workers in Saskatchewan receive the assistance they need. The funding applies to two agreements: the Workforce Development Agreement and the Labour Market Development Agreement. 

The Workforce Development Agreement will drive provincial training and services to help people succeed in the workforce, such as the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, which allows the government to help fund employee skills training. The Workforce Development for People with Disabilities Program also operates under this agreement, helping people with disabilities find work, as does the Adult Basic Education Program. 

The Labour Market Development Agreement will focus on elements such as apprenticeship training, career guidance and employment services, and Canada-Saskatchewan Rapid Response Teams that help businesses affected by layoffs. 

Additional funding for these programs will help businesses and workers in Saskatchewan thrive in the face of barriers to employment.