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Canada a Top Destination for International Travellers

A record number of overseas travellers made their way to Canada in the third quarter of 2018, setting a new record.

Although the majority of total travellers came from the US, overseas travellers spend more money when they are in Canada, accounting for just over half of the total tourism dollars, despite constituting only one quarter of all tourists. The biggest spenders came from China, Australia, and Germany.

The most popular destination during this period was the Vancouver, Coast, and Mountains region, pulling in $1.7 billion in foreign tourism dollars. The Greater Toronto Area came in second at $1.2 billion, part of Ontario’s $2.2 billion in travel expenditures that quarter. 

Overseas travellers were more likely than their US counterparts to be visiting friends and family, making a total of 930,000 trips of this nature in the quarter, and 1.2 million trips for recreational purposes. 

Tourism dollars accounted for 2.1% of the national gross domestic product in the quarter and are a significant part of the Canadian economy.